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 Dennis Baskin | Front-End Engineer and User Interface Designer


Dennis Baskin

What I do:

  • Front-End Engineering
  • All things JavaScript: client side, server side, frameworks, libraries, and syntax layers like CoffeeScript
  • Programming in multiple languages and environments: Ruby, Python, C#, Java, PHP, and more
  • The basics: HTML/XML/CSS
  • User Interface / User Experience Design and Development
  • Content Management Systems


I have been working as a Developer for over 4 years and am currently employed full time as a Software Engineer at On-Site.com. My focus is on, but not to limited to Front-End development, User Interaction and Data Presentation.

I like to be versed in a variety of programming languages. JavaScript is my primary love but I also enjoy programming in ruby, C#, Java, ActionScript 3, python, and so on.

Specialties: User Interaction, User Interfaces, User Experience, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Web Design, Web Development, (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, C#, ObjectOriented Development